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Driving the Cold Beer Industry

Cold Storage & Logistics

Who we work with.

Who is Growler Depot?

We solve the warm beer problem by completing the cold chain from brewery to customer in the perth metro area.

We enable the brewery to provide consumers with a consistent fresh product that will encourage repeat business.

Why we do it.

Quite simply we love beer and are passionate about drinking fresh consistent beerWe wanted to provide a service for the industry we love and solve a problem that affects all breweries – to maintain product quality throughout the distribution chain.

Never break the cold chain! 

How it works.


We provide you with access to our online software system (run by Carton Cloud) that gives you 24/7 access to your stock levels, ability to easily enter sales orders and purchase orders and same day POD’s directly to your chosen email.


The moment your product arrives at our warehouse it is put into our industrial sized fridge. No waiting in a loading bay in the sun, straight away.


All your deliveries are made in our refrigerated vans and delivered to the cool room of your venue, bottle shop, bar or restaurant. Our staff deliver with a smile and a knowledge of beer. They aren’t your average delivery driver.

Our Services.

24 hour access

Provide you with 24 hour access to carton cloud.

Cold Chain Delivery

Every delivery is made in refrigerated vans. The cold chain is never broken.

Constant Temperature

Cold storage for beer and ambient storage for wine. We monitor temperatures 3 times/daily.

Keg Rental Service

We work with Global Keg to help provide breweries with the cheapest domestic and international keg rental service in Australia

Client Testimonials

The guys at growler depot give great, honest service. Nothing is ever a hassle, they always do as much as they can to help out!

Blasta Brewing

Not only do they offer great service, you can always count on someone picking up the phone or corresponding via email if an issue arises. It is quite reassuring to know that our products are being looked after and we can guarantee door to door cold shipping. 

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

Growler Depot has been a key strategic partner in Artisan’s significant growth in the Perth and surrounding areas and we look forward to our continued growth together!

Artisan Brewing

Enquire Now 

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